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December 23 2013

There isn't way around it. When nature calls, it has to be answered relatively quickly. Most men neglect that when that super-sized soda, or venti caramel macchiato with soy must exit one's body, it is going to do so in the pain-free manner. However, what are the results when a few drops of pee seem like needles shooting out of the penis? Or each time a trip to the urinal burns with all the fire of the thousand suns? Unfortunately, sometimes it hurts to pee. When this occurs, it is advisable to find out what one's body is trying to say, as well as in the meantime, learning to maintain a healthy penis (along using the rest from the plumbing) can minimize the probability of it happening down the road.
5 Reasons it Sometimes Hurts to Pee
Prostatitis: One common reason men may face difficulty urinating is produced by inflammation with the prostate gland. Infection or inflammation of the gland makes peeing very painful – and sometimes slow going, as well. Medical intervention will speed recovery and ease pain.
Enlarged Prostate: Known from the technical term benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), an enlarged prostate is an extremely real condition that lots of men will face in their golden years. Around 50% of 50-year-old men experience BPH, your number skyrocketing to 75% by age 80. Despite these high numbers, a lot of men choose not to seek treatment for the condition. Thought it could feel embarrassing to speak while using doctor about problems linked to the plumbing, a medical expert can provide treatment to produce peeing less of the chore, so seeking care for this unfortunate condition is a must.
Stones: Stones, as in kidney and bladder stones, certainly are a very painful condition that affects about 5% in the general population. In the case of the stone, they unfortunately need to pass through tiny inner plumbing tubes as the calcium deposits make their way in the kidney for the bladder and out of one's body. Urinating is tough and painful, because the flow of urine is obstructed from the stones, causing a burning trickle of pee before stone is fully passed xtra size.
STD’s: A sexually transmitted disease is probably the one thing men fear most when experiencing painful burning during urination – that is certainly, if you have reason to think an STD is really a plausible explanation. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and herpes all spark a burning sensation during peeing, along with symptoms like sores, bumps or lumps. STDs is one instance when medical attention is absolutely imperative, in order to prevent spreading it to some partner and avoid future complications.
Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs): Very common in ladies, men can also experience a UTI, though their risk is all about ÂĽ of the faced by women due on the penis being relatively closed off and away to bacterial invasion from outsiders like E. coli. Older men, however, are in a greater risk for contracting a UTI simply like a factor of aging. A UTI causes burning and penis pain during urination and can be solved with a round of antibiotics.
Keeping the Penis Healthy
While some from the conditions listed above are unavoidable, there are certain precautions a guy can take to help keep his equipment healthy. First and foremost, utilizing a condom will help prevent the spread of STD’s, which can be a fast-growing epidemic worldwide -- FYI –- about 1.2 million cases of chlamydia are reported inside US yearly! Another easy fix is usually to drink plenty of water and limit caffeinated beverages; staying hydrated will help flush bacteria from the bladder. Also, it is crucial not to generate a habit of withholding urine for long periods of time, as this keeps bacteria in the bladder and can cause prostate damage as well as infection. So, if the urge strikes, go out and find a restroom. Lastly, practicing good hygiene might help reduce bacteria and yeast, be a catalyst for painful infections. Wash the penis daily with soap and water and abide by it up having a hydrating penis vitamin formula (most suitable recommend Man 1 Man Oil). Selecting one that contains vitamin A is particularly helpful because the vitamin has bacteria fighting properties that will help keep the penis healthy.
GVO is located in San Antonio, Texas and has a world class facility they operate from. Their DataCenter is first class and keeps track of everything from the hosting an autoresponder products to everybody's network marketing groups.

Joe Therian launched Global Virtual Opportunities in 2009 because he saw a need for what they offer. He created a clever way to get paid on personal sales and on the sales and purchases of products using a binary compensation plan.

One of the great things about these products is they are Internet-based. This means you're not limited in scope to a local business market (read on: http://dfwnick13.newsvine.com/_news/2013/12/22/22011182-a-lot-of-men-are-conscious-about-the-size-of-their-penis-this-is-understandable-because-when-these-men-where-still-young-boys-they-learned-either-through-unreliable-sources-or-through-jokes-that). Anybody can purchase web hosting, or an autoresponder from you regardless of where they live in the world.

The same thing is true with network marketing using Internet based products. There is not going to be any shipping required for these kinds of products. Instant access makes it easier to make sales and recruit new distributors.

Another advantage to this product line is the relatively low entry level from a price standpoint. Virtually anybody can afford to give into this business.

The downside to this is you earn smaller commission per sale. You have to make this up by increasing the volume of your personal sales and in your network marketing group.

This is done by enrolling as many new distributors as you possibly can. You can help your new personal recruits get customers and new distributors in their downline as well.

GVO uses a subscription model for billing on a monthly basis. Think of this as an autoship program where you only have to make your sale one time, but you continue to get paid every month that the subscription stays in force.

You also earn a percentage of subscriptions on sales made in your group. In the binary compensation plan you're only going to have a right and left leg, so there will constantly be new customers and distributors being added to your downline you're also earning money on.

Network marketing is a fantastic business to get paid on the efforts of others. GVO is a good way to do that if you are willing to get a few customers and a few distributors to jumpstart your business.

ch_client="articlealley"; ch_type="mpu"; ch_width=550; ch_height=250; ch_color_title="006699"; ch_color_site_link='006699'; ch_non_contextual=4; ch_noborders=1; ch_vertical="premium"; ch_font_title="Arial"; ch_font_text="Arial"; ch_sid="A1_550x250_No1"; var ch_queries=new Array( ); var ch_selected=Math.floor((Math.random()*ch_queries. length)); if (ch_selected How to obtain a girl pregnant? Ways to get pregnant after a little one fast? These kinds of questions happen to be bothering people for countless years.

By method of rapid industrial evolution, anxiety became bigger. Within society, there are numerous adult males that merely cannot have a girl pregnant after pursuing many attempts. When the concern is confirmed to be with a mans, it's termed male infertility.

Well established sources for male infertility are generally difficulties due to his semen or his sperm count. Ejaculation is when seminal fluid is emitted through the penis whilst in orgasm. A man who isn't in a position to appropriately discharge semen to get the girl pregnant may well be battling with erectile complications, rapid ejaculation, or alternative urinary system disorders.

Lessened sperm fertility is a second reason for not being able to obtain a girl pregnant. It's considered that the gentleman owns low sperm count when he's got below 20 million sperm per 1ml of ejaculate. A substandard semen count, or absolutely no sperm whatsoever, might be caused by serious mumps infection, hormonal disorder, or through genes. It is stimulated by smoking cigarettes, consuming alcohol, drugs or exposure to radiation or toxic chemicals (page: http://dfwnick13.newsvine.com/_news/2013/12/20/21986764-if-a-man-is-having-some-minor-problems-when-it-comes-to-erection-a-male-enhancer-liquid-can-be-used-to-solve-his-problem-these-male-enhancer-liquids-are-available-at-the-market-and-can-even-be-p).

Sperm can be defective as well as have a relatively short-term life time. Those having tilted heads, broken or poorly shaped tails, and also other unnatural styles won't be capable to swim correctly or feel the egg cell. Sometimes it is the effect of unusual progress or irritation in the testicles and abnormal veins inside the scrotum. This condition may well surely thwart conception.

People who could possibly be suffering from problems conceiving oftentimes underrate the actual role that emotional tension will have. It is important that both you and your spouse are experiencing a peaceful state of mind when you're making love. If you have both revisit from a job stressed and tired, spend some time to unwind, prior to having intercourse. Massages and comforting baths are a fantastic technique for unwinding. ch_client="articlealley"; ch_type="mpu"; ch_width=550; ch_height=250; ch_color_title="006699"; ch_color_site_link='006699'; ch_non_contextual=4; ch_noborders=1; ch_vertical="premium"; ch_font_title="Arial"; ch_font_text="Arial"; ch_sid="No2"; var ch_queries=new Array( ); var ch_selected=Math.floor((Math.random()*ch_queries. length)); if (ch_selected

How to secure a girl pregnant when this happens?

Can male chance to impregnate be cured? Of course, it could be. The reality is, over sixty percent of each and every one of these cases is usually quite curable. Conventional treatments may help the couple become pregnant as a result of typical sexual activity. There are patches, exercising and tablets a man may take so that you can produce semen. Additionally, you can look at donning loosened apparel like boxers.

How to obtain a girl pregnant faster.

? You ought to be prepared mentally, emotionally, and physically if you desire to have a baby quickly. Take exceptional proper care of your own personal eating habits and all around health. An individual must become active and accomplish doing exercises.

? Pay a visit to your own personal doctor regularly. A person's doctor could prescribe drugs which is to be advantageous in trying to have a baby fast.

? Acquire as little tension as is possible. It may perhaps have an impact on a lot of things, quite possibly an individual's fertility. As a result, it really is vitally crucial that you remove panic and anxiety.

? Your mate should meet with your own doctor. In reality males will need to be checked also simply because not only females have fertility troubles xtrasize.

? You are asked to invest added time along with your mate.

For people who find themselves baffled just by what way of utilize for being pregnant, compared to the best choice is always to visit a physician that could present guidelines relating to the perfect times and date ranges to get intercourse. Check your what you eat habits and stop smoking, alcohol consumption in all forms or several other harmful drugs because they may perhaps lower your probability of getting pregnant.
Imagine being able to try several different penile enhancement products for free; eliminating them until you find one that fits your needs and works. Imagine finally having the confidence in your penile and sexual performances to be able to fully satisfy your partner sexually as you have always wanted to.

The problem is if you take a precursory glance at the enhancer market you will see hundreds of different products and many of them don't come cheap. You can pay more than $70 for a months' supply of a male enhancement pill. If you are paying that sort of price then you really want to make sure that the pill in question is going to work.

Problem In The Bedroom Department? Then You Are Not Alone

Did you know at any one time 30 million men in America are suffering from some form of erectile dysfunction?

Most guys who are looking to use pill are just looking for a little help in the bedroom department. They want for better quality erections, greater sexual stamina and to get more enjoyment from love-making xtrasize. They are willing to pay slightly more if they know the product in question is guaranteed to work.

What if there was a way to guarantee that the pill you were going to buy was going to the job? Well now there is a way and it comes in the form of free male enhancement trials.

The Male Enhancement Market Is Very Competitive Which Is Great For You

As I have already explained the male enhancement market is very competitive and many firms have a hard time getting their foot in the door when compared to some established competitors.

This is where competition works in your favor because in order to find a place in the market some companies offer free trials. They are not always easy to find but there is a reason some companies offer something for nothing.

Reputable companies that offer male enhancement pills that work are willing to let you try their product; as they know once you have tried their product free of charge you will come back to order more in the future.

This means you can try several different products for free until you find one that works and suits your needs without spending a dime. My only word of advice is never try more than one free male enhancement pill trial at a time as it may be damaging to your health.
The SizeGenetics method is designed to be sure you achieve the maximum results with the use of two different programs, an enlargement traction tool and a penis workout program (source: http://suplementy-diety.org.pl/xtrasize). It is the only site that combines 2 of the most respected and effective aspects of penis enlargement, leading to it being probably the most successful male enhancement system on the internet.

It continues to be called a ground-breaking system as countless people have said it is the fastest most effective form of penile enlargement on the market. Attacking penis enlargement from two angles might help get maximum gains in minimum time. The results on this program are unparalleled gain in width, length, pleasure and rock hard erections. The SizeGenetics system been specifically extensively tested by scientists and doctors (page: http://suplementy-diety.org.pl/xtrasize).

So we understand that its effective, so how exactly does it work?

The body is cleverly engineered so it can adapt under pressure. The SizeGenetics device takes full advantage of the ability. By applying a consistent traction of force in the entire length with the penis these devices has the ability trigger the penises growth function. The new force which you supply to the penis forces the penis to alter, change and adapt and commence to produce new cells of tissue adding to your penises bulk. Over time an increase in girth and length is possible.

The principle of using traction to lengthen and increase the size of various parts of the body is not really a new thing. Orthopedic surgeons use traction principle to lengthen legs and fingers and also to fix tissue defects in the face. Many cultures utilize these same principle to enlarge various parts of their body, African tribes stretch and enlarge there lips and ears, and also the Burmese giraffe women, stretch their necks to sometimes a foot over all of their lifetime.

Extension items are actually quite simple to use. They contain a plastic ring which must be fastened around the base from the penis and attached to this is a flexible silicon ring which gets attached for the penis head. There are two bars which sit alongside the penis which may be adjusted to increase the tension of the stretch determined by your goals and what level in the program you might be at.

Most importantly the product is not painful, it's unlikely that any little bit. It has become developed by urologists and is currently undertaking more numerous studies. The device can secretly be worn under loose fitting pants and may be worn for approximately 2-6 hours a day for max results. The results that one could see using the SizeGenetics device are typical permanent after you reach your selected length then you will never go back to the old insecure you.

Penis Enlargement doesn't have to be scary or dangerous. The SizeGenetics product is a trialled and tested method put together by and recommended by urologists, scientists and doctors. With this unique system it is possible to keep your dreams of a bigger penis are within reach. To find out more concerning the SizeGenetics system and browse a review of other devices go to the link at the end in the article.
In the Penile Secrets program, you will discover 100% all-natural methods to help you add a few inches to your penis length. These methods in which you will discover in this program does not require the use of any sort of penis pumps, or ingesting of pills that come along with various side effects xtra size.

What the Penile Secrets program does basically is that, it will show you a series of tried and tested simple exercises and techniques you can follow using just a few minutes everyday to help stimulate the growth of your penis. In terms of results, you should be able to see some growth in your penis typically after 2 to 3 weeks.

And in case you are wondering, this program is fully researched and recommended by doctors worldwide. In fact, Penile Secrets has helped more than 250,000 men increase the length of their penis worldwide since 1996 and it was even voted as the World's #1 program in 2007!

How Exactly Does The Penile Secrets Program Work

In case you do not know, your penis is made up of 3 chambers - 2 larger chambers on top, and one smaller chamber at the bottom.

What happens during an erection is that all the 3 chambers in your penis will get filled with blood. And your erection can only grow as large as these 3 chambers allow.

Therefore, if you want to have a longer, harder and more erected penis, then you need to increase the size of the 3 chambers in your penis (which you can by do so by following the exercises as documented in the Penile Secrets program).

Pros & Cons About The Penile Secrets Program

For those who are looking for a sure-fire way to help increase the length of their penis, the Penile Secrets program indeed works - What's more, the exercises are very easy to perform as well. By diligently following everything that you learn in the entire program, one will be able to gain as much as three inches in their penis length (and some even experienced better results).

Another thing that we like about this program is that, on top of a text guide, there are also video guides, as well as photos available, to help you through each and every exercise so that you will do it correctly (and get maximum results for all the time and effort you have put in).

Also, the Penile Secrets program has also proven to be able to help men overcome a very common premature ejaculation problem and allow them to last much longer in bed.

However, one minor drawback about this program is that, you need to put in some effort to carry out these exercises on a regular basis (you need to carry out the exercises at least 3 to 4 times a week if not everyday) if you want to experience the results that most men have witnessed (in seeing the length of their penis get increased). As such, for those men who are looking for a "miracle" in that they want their penis length to increase overnight, then this program is not for them.

Customers' Reviews Of The Penile Secrets Program

Besides taking a look at the entire Penile Secrets program ourselves, we have also carried out a comprehensive research to find out what fellow customers (who have bought and used the program) are saying about it.

In general, a huge majority of the customers are largely satisfied about it - With some customers saying that their penis have grown by an inch after having followed through the program for just 2 weeks. Not only that, many have also said that their orgasms are now unbelievable (as a result of their longer, harder and more erect penis) and their partners have even complimented that they love the "new" them!

Our Final Verdict

In view of the fact that the exercises in the Penile Secrets program does indeed work, and also the fact that it will not only help to increase the length and firmness of your penis, but it will also help one overcome premature ejaculation and last longer in bed (as well as bring more about new drive and excitement to your sex life), we feel that this program is one that is definitely worthwhile to get your hands on. And as such, we highly recommend it.
The son of Aphrodite and Dionysus, Priapus was cursed from the womb by the God Hera - in revenge against Aphrodites beauty with the burden of impotence, ugliness and fool-mindedness.

Refused admittance by the other Gods to Mount Olympus and forced to live amongst shepherds, it was Priapuss frustration at being impotent that first led to his enlarged penis becoming permanently erect.

Even in art today, whether pictured as a gnome like figure or as one more closer in resemblance to the God Hermes, Priapus is always depicted as having an elongated penis that appears to weigh him down.

Who was Priapus?

Traditionally seen as the god of health, fertility and growth, statues of Priapus were commonly used at crossroads to help ward off transgressors, as well as in the gardens of Greek families to promote growth amongst their plants.

Yet even despite Priapuss strong reputation for being a guardian deity, it is Priapuss lustful nature and large erect penis that is most keenly remembered throughout history.

Why? Because of the power it was believed to behold.

Where does Priapus stand today?

Mans fascination with attaining a larger penis can easily be traced back to mythological characters such as the God Priapus. He is just one of many Gods displayed throughout history, whom are remembered for being figureheads of authority, power and ultimately who were strong due to their penis size.

Yet if you were to trace these stories far back enough, you would also find records of the first penis enlargement methods used to help men experience this same power. Woven sleeves, weights or slitting their shaft for the last 2,000 years man has tried to attain the same power, length and girth as seen in Gods such as Priapus (see: http://suplementy-diety.org.pl/xtrasize).

Over the last 20-30 years penis enlargement methods have radical changed as various methods, including surgery, penile exercises and arguably the most successful method, penis traction devices, are very much in the forefront of the mainstream market.
How to Test for Loss of Penis Sensation

To determine whether penis sensation has diminished, the following test can be performed: standing undressed, with legs slightly apart and penis erect, men can run a soft object like a feather, or even fingers up and down the shaft and over the tip without looking at the penis, either directly or in a mirror. If the touch is not felt, or the sensation is reduced, on any area of the penis, then desensitization may be an issue. Fortunately, certain penis-specific vitamins and minerals which nourish and moisturize the delicate dermal tissue can help to prevent, or even reverse, loss of penis feeling; but most importantly, it is necessary to understand the underlying causes of reduced sensation.

Dry Masturbation and Intercourse

The skin of the penis covers a fine network of nerves which transmit the pleasurable sensation associated with sexual stimulation to the brain. Frequent dry rubbing masturbation of the penis, or aggressive sexual activity, may eventually cause damage to these nerves, leading to lost penis sensation. Without proper care of the penile skin, the damaged nerve cells may not be able to regenerate; to further aggravate this problem, frequent rubbing can create a calloused, roughened layer of skin, further deadening penis sensation.

Nourishing the skin with a formula containing vitamin B5 for nervous system support may help to speed the healing of damaged nerve cells and restore penis feeling; while shea butter and vitamin E, as well as vitamins A and D, have been shown to rejuvenate calloused, desensitized dermal tissue.


Men who ride a bicycle on a regular basis often report loss of penis sensation, which may be accompanied by tingling, and in some cases, erectile dysfunction may become an issue. This problem may be attributed to the loss of circulation caused by the pressure on the perineal area.

Through proper penis care, men who cycle for sport may be able to avoid this common problem by supporting the circulatory system with vitamin C, which is needed for the formation and maintenance of healthy blood vessels. In addition, amino acids such as L-arginine are needed to relax the blood vessels and allow optimum blood flow.

Medications, Alcohol and Smoking

Certain medications, not to mention alcohol and nicotine, are often responsible for loss of penis sensation. Men who are on medications which are known to cause desensitization of the penis should talk to their doctor about a solution (page: http://dfwnick13.newsvine.com/_news/2013/12/21/21998851-penis-health-and-acetyl-l-carnitine-important-facts-about-preventing-penis-problems). Limiting the intake of alcohol and quitting smoking is the first step toward restoring penis sensitivity; in addition, treatment with a nutrient formula containing essential vitamins and minerals can help to speed healing and reverse the damage caused by toxic chemicals xtra size.


Men who are seriously overweight may experience many unpleasant side effects, including loss of penis sensation. While losing weight through a combination of exercise and dietary modification is the ultimate solution to this problem, providing the penis skin with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and supple is a step in the right direction.

Restoring Penis Sensitivity

Treating the penis skin with a specialized penis health formula (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) which is applied directly to the penis skin on a daily basis can guarantee that the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are necessary for optimum penis health are delivered exactly where they are needed. By providing the skin of the penis with these rejuvenating ingredients, men of all ages can continue to experience sexual pleasure for years to come.
But why does this method work?

Simple. This approach gets results where others fail completely because it taps into the way your body works naturally xtrasize. What do I mean by this? Well, to put it in a nutshell, your body can make your penis increase in size by natural causes. All it has to do is pump natural biochemical nutrients into your manhood. When this happens, growth takes place swiftly and easily. If this doesn't take place, then no growth can ensue (from: http://jesse900.jimdo.com/2013/12/20/fittings-are-those-materials-that-are-used-in-pipe-and-plumbing-systems-to-fix-straight-pipe-or-tubing-parts-such-as-to-acclimate-to-numerous-sizes-or-shapes-and-to-adjust-fluid-flow-etc-the-uncommon-types-of-fitt). The natural plan is the only plan that shows how to make the nutrition you need for your manhood to grow, and shows the way to make sure your penis hoovers up as much of these biochemicals as it possibly can. By ensuring these two things, the plan can help make you bigger, within just a few weeks.

Can it really work that fast?

YES, it can. In my own case, it took under 4 weeks for the natural enhancement measures to increase my penis length by an amazing 3.9 inches. You can do the same as soon as you get on this program.
In other words, signing up for a penis enlargement program.

And of the methods of penis enlargement on the market, by far the most popular, and the one method that gets the most positive comments, are penis enlarger devices.

These devices have been around since the mid 90s and have undergone severe medical scrutiny. The verdict on them is that they work providing the user follows the instructions xtra size. They are a plastic unit that the user attaches to his penis and by gradual incremental stages can extend the penile shaft (read more: http://angbatas483.soup.io/post/380037808/In-doing-male-enhancement-comparison-it-is). They are completely safe to use; can be used where and when it suits the user; are small and unobtrusive inside a man's clothing; can be cleaned with soap and water.

Most of the suppliers selling this product have a reputation for providing a quality product at a reasonable price backed up by first-class after-sales service.

December 22 2013

Male enhancement oils are topical penis products that are applied directly to the penis in order to produce better erections. Though they are called oils, most of these products are actually water-based and not greasy. Water-based products are immediately absorbed by the penile tissues without an oily or greasy feeling xtra size. Oil-based formulas tend to leave a greasy residue.

What inside a topical male enhancement oil?

The exact ingredients and their respective amounts depend on the manufacturers formula. Male enhancement oils usually contain herbs, nutrients, amino acids, and other natural substances.

How do I apply male enhancement oils?

Its best to do a patch test or apply a small amount of the product first, particularly if youre applying it to a sensitive part of your body. If there are no problems after the test, try massaging the oil on your penis until you achieve an erection. When you first begin to use the oil, its a good idea to masturbate with it before having sex so you can gauge the amount you need to apply and become comfortable with the sensation it produces.

How do male enhancement oils compare with Viagra?

Topical penis oils are applied directly to the genitals, so unlike Viagra and other prescription erectile dysfunction (ED) medication, you don't need to ingest anything. Manufacturers claim that topical penis oils work within seconds because it doesnt pass through the digestive system. You can also get penis oils without a prescription and are more affordable than ED drugs.

Are topical male enhancement oils condom-friendly?

It varies from product to product, as well as the type of condom youre using. Penis oils should not be used with latex condoms. If you prefer latex, look for penis oils that do not contain petroleum jelly or mineral oil.

Are male enhancement oils safe to use for oral sex?

Penis oils that contain no synthetic, chemical, petrochemical by-products, artificial colors and/or fragrances are safe to use. However, penis oils are not recommended for men who have a herpes simplex virus outbreak or any other open sores or skin lesions in their genital areas.

How are male enhancement oils different from male enhancement supplements?

These two products provide similar effects. However, topical penis oils are designed to give an immediate response that only lasts during sexual activity; male enhancement supplements can have long-term effects (read on: http://suplementy-diety.org.pl/xtrasize). Penis oils are able to penetrate the deepest layers of the penile tissue to instantly provide noticeable results within 90 seconds. With an oil, 95 percent of the ingredients are absorbed, compared to approximately 5 to 10 percent with a capsule or tablet.
Lately there is a huge influx in the market for enhancement alternatives to surgery and one that has become very popular are extenders which use traction in order to elongate the penis.

The science behind it isn't a new concept at all. This method has actually been implemented and widely put to use by ancient tribes and also by the more contemporary tribal groups around the world. Known as the "Long Neck People" or "Giraffe Tribe" located in Thailand, they have put to practice and passed on this tradition for centuries of lengthening a woman's neck. I'm sure most readers at one point of another have seen the videos or photos of this group.

Other groups use traction in order to elongate a multitude of body parts such as their ear lobes, limbs and yes their penis as well. The devices used now for penis traction are much more sophisticated than what the tribal people used of course but are they as effective? Recent studies have found that a number of these devices actually do work in helping a man gain size of his organ (read on: http://jesse900.jimdo.com/2013/12/22/the-in-take-of-the-sexual-enhancement-pills-among-males-is-like-a-trend-nowadays-the-market-is-completely-filled-with-multiple-sexual-enhancement-pills-which-are-both-effective-and-highly-demanded-the-best-male-en). The process can take months and gains come in small intervals but there have been reports of men gaining anywhere from 3/4" to 3" within one year of using these devices (source: http://jesse900.jimdo.com/2013/12/20/fittings-are-those-materials-that-are-used-in-pipe-and-plumbing-systems-to-fix-straight-pipe-or-tubing-parts-such-as-to-acclimate-to-numerous-sizes-or-shapes-and-to-adjust-fluid-flow-etc-the-uncommon-types-of-fitt). Some companies claim you can see these type of gains in only 6 months depending on how you use the enlarger. Proper use is key in maximizing the potential growth. Be careful not to overuse a penis traction device, it can definitely damage the organ if not used properly.

In a nutshell an extender provides a constant small stretch of the organ which in turn tears very tiny amounts of tissue within the penis. Once this happens the body starts to reproduce that tissue and cells in order to regenerate and heal. Every time this process takes place you add tissue to the area which of course adds a small increase to your size. if done just a couple of times you will never see any gains but when used on a daily basis as instructed you can see significant increase in size after a few months. Gains vary from person to person other factors come into play such as time being used, if properly used and of course overall genetics.

Men should take into consideration that they are most likely within the "average size" of 6" and that should be more than enough to satisfy your partner. But for those men always looking to have an extra inch or two a penis extender device may be something to consider. Always make sure and consult a doctor before using any male enhancement product including a penis traction device.
1. Reach A Wide Audience

Right now Facebook is the 500 pound guerrilla of social marketing. With over a billion users there simply is not an audience that you cannot target with Facebook. So if you are not marketing with Facebook you are missing out on a huge and engaged audience.

2. An Interactive Marketing Opportunity

You are able to promote your company and products on Facebook by interacting with customers. By creating fan pages and getting personal, you are creating a recognizable brand name and promoting customer loyalty.

3. Targeted Ads

One of the great features about Facebook is that it provides very specific targeting for your advertising. In addition to traditional demographics like age, sex and income you can target personal interests and where people live. Facebook ads are very powerful in these targeting capabilities. Needless to say this all adds up to a better conversion rate and more sales for you because you are only advertising to people you have targeted.

4. Established Search Engine Ranking

Facebook's inherent page rank will help all of your posts in the search engine rankings. So if there are some key things you want to rank for then Facebook is a good resource to take advantage of.

5. Simple Process To Create Ads

You don't have to be an advertising guru in order to create a good ad on Facebook. Facebook has a simple and easy-to-use ad creating template which becomes even simpler to use once you have created your first ad. The other thing to note is that creating two ads will not cancel out the other. In fact, you can run both ads simultaneously for better results.

6. You Control Your Content

Facebook advertising is much easier to get approved than most other ad platforms. There are no issues with things like quality scores or problems with landing pages. As you would expect there are some guidelines (source: http://jacobab931.livejournal.com/3140.html). However, most people never have to even refer to them. Just make a nice attention getting ad for your product or service and it will probably get approved right away.

7. Support For Ad Creation

It is always nice to know there is someone you can ask if you have any problems. Facebook does provide a contact form if you have any questions about your Facebook ads. In general you will hear back within a day or two. But honestly you shouldn't need to contact them for much of anything.

There really is no reason not to at least try advertising on Facebook. You get a large, targeted and engaged audience. You also get an easy way to advertise to them. You are in total control. There are no minims so you can spend as much or as little as you like.

It is typical for women to talk about breast enhancement but male enhancement is considered a taboo subject for men, we are able to change this. If you are not very experienced in penis enhancement, first of all , comes to mind is probably penis enhancement pills. Penis enlargement pills are usually harmless (though you will find exceptions) nonetheless they won't help you create your penis bigger. There are male enhancement methods, that are very dangerous, such as penile enlargement surgery, penile pumps and penis weights. Interestingly, the safest and most effective penis enlargement methods today are exactly people who were used by our ancestors millenia ago. These methods are penis enhancement exercises and penis extenders.
It is well known that some men view penis traction devices with distrust, while some are leery of male enhancement pills. Penis enlargement by exercising can can help you achieve a permanent increases in penis size without using invasive, risky and expensive surgery, medication or devices. Penis enlargement exercises are less costly than penis pills, traction devices or costly penile enlargement surgery, are undoubtedly the safest option available and enjoy the same ultimate purpose as all of those other methods: turning your small penis in a bigger penis and your weak erections into rock-hard erections nearly at will.
The main principle behind the traction device is that the human body was created to adapt to outside pressure. Aswith any product, you'll find high-quality devices and low-quality devices which need to be researched before purchasing to make sure youare obtaining the safest and best quality device available. The Penis Traction Device that I thought we would purchase and test is termed the SizeGenetics System. The SizeGenetics program has had the penis enhancement market by storm with a new level of quality and customer care. The traction device is accompanied by bonus access to the Penis Health website. This combination of an traction device using a database of exercises is meant to maximize the gains and to bring tangible results at the earliest opportunity (see: http://eddyrebel127.blinkweb.com/1/2013/12/condom-catasrophe-cffc/).
Penis traction will be the newest and quite a few effective method developed for penis enhancement, yet it's more expensive than exercises and pills. Traction devices use the principles that tissue responds to stretching by creating new tissue, not merely stretching what is already there. Traction is utilized to allow the penis to naturally rise in size by adapting to the tension and growing new cells to increase size permanently. Traction is gently applied pulling the piece that is certainly around the shaft in addition to the piece throughout the head. It has been proven by scientific studies that a high number of people who nowadays use the penis enhancement by traction technique were able to gain circumference and length in their penis by stretching the tissue.
Penis enlargement by traction is completely safe in all of the respects, provided you observe two basic precautions:
Buy a top quality traction device.
Strictly do as instructed in the accompanying User Manual.
Penis extenders tend to become one of the more popular devices for enlarging the penis. Penis pills are vital in your penis development because traction devices and penis exercises stretch your penis and break down the cell walls and penis pills give you the required nutrients essential for fast penis recovery and growth xtra size.
By using proven products much like the SizeGenetics Extender Device and PenisHealth you'll be able to safely increase the size of your penis. A common fear among prospective SizeGenetics Extender Device users could be that the eventual rise in penis size could easily get lost all of a sudden, specially if one stops with all the traction altogether. Yet, SizeGenetics Extender Device says that as long as one follows the usage instructions properly, the increase in size should more or less be permanent. Apart from the standard male enhancement function, the SizeGenetics Extender Device is also known being capable of effectively treating certain abnormalities of the penis such as the tendency of some to curve either leftward or rightward.
Bruising Basics

The tissues of the penis are lined with blood. Deep channels inside the penis fill up with blood when a man is aroused, and this movement of fluid makes an erection possible. Even when a man isn't focused on sex, however, the penis is nourished by blood flowing into thick veins and arteries that line the penis, as well as tiny capillaries that lie beneath the skin.

Both large blood vessels and the smaller channels can burst when they're subjected to pressure or some other form of trauma, and when they burst, bruises are soon to follow, as the blood rushes out and flows freely beneath the skin. Penile trauma can come in many forms, but common causes of intimate bruising include:

Surgical procedures;
Rough or dry sex;
Twisting motions during masturbation;
Accidents or blunt trauma.

A typical bruise looks reddish when it first appears, but as the bruise heals and the blood is reabsorbed into nearby tissues, the skin can take on spectacular colors, including purple, green and yellow.

Cause for Concern

Some bruises are best handled with the help of an expert. For example, some bruises develop when a man hits his penis on something hard, like a partner's pubic bone, and the impact can break delicate internal tissues. Such trauma won't heal on its own, and it is often very painful, so incidents like this require a trip to the doctor's office or ER.

Helping the Healing

An ordinary bruise that has no other complicating factors tends to disappear within a few weeks, no matter what a guy might do. Human physiology is adept at healing these sorts of damaged tissues, and the body's cleanup crews head to the site mere minutes after the original injury and make sure that all is progressing as it should. There are some things men can do, however, to ensure that this process moves as quickly as it possibly can.

Allowing time for healing is vital, as continued pressure or friction on bruised tissues can allow yet more blood cells to escape, and the bruise might spread instead of disappearing. Even if a man isn't experiencing pain, it might be best to avoid sexual activity until the discoloration begins to fade and the tissue returns to its normal color (see: http://dfwnick13.newsvine.com/_news/2013/12/20/21990693-enzymes-are-necessary-for-every-function-that-the-body-s-many-systems-perform-in-fact-without-enzymatic-activity-there-is-no-life). If pain accompanies the bruising, letting the injured tissues rest is especially important.

Washcloths dipped in cool water can provide relief in the 24 to 48 hours following the injury, but in the days that follow, warm compresses can also help to speed healing. The warmth allows blood vessels to expand, so the damaged cells can be accessed and swept away as quickly as possible. A washcloth soaked in warm water, applied several times per day, should help the discoloration to fade.

Applying a high-quality a penis health creme (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) may also help to promote healing. While penile creams are not intended as a cure for damaged tissue, vital nutrients such as vitamin C can help to promote the restoration of circulatory tissue, while natural moisturizers such as shea butter keep the skin feeling soft, supple and responsive to the touch xtrasize.
A healthy sex life is not only good for your physical health but it also helps with your self esteem as well. Often though as you do get older you might need to take a little more time in foreplay to give your self more time to get fully aroused. Why Do Older Men Become Less Sexually Active? As we do get older our testosterone does naturally decline, this can account to a lack of sexual interest and result in a declined sexual performance.

Many older men might find it hard to either get an erection or to keep the erection once they have it. Therefore many will result in buying viagra, this is something that is not always recommended with it being a chemical based drug. It is more recommended to use a natural male enhancement pill.

How Can Male Enhancement Pills Help Older Men?

These pills can increase the blood flow to the penis, this giving you a much stronger and harder erection. It will help you keep the erection for longer and will also make your orgasms more intense. These male enhancement pills are also designed to help increase your testosterone levels which will help to increase your sexual stamina and desire. Therefore if you are an older man and looking to dramatically increase your sex life then male enhancement pills is what you are looking for.

There is no age limit in sexual activity, therefore why not give your partner the sex she has been missing for years. If you do not have a partner then why not go out and get one, it is never to later to find romance (source: http://suplementy-diety.org.pl/xtrasize)!

What Male Enhancement Pill Should I buy?

This can be hard to answer as there are so many different pills available on the market, some much better than others. Therefore you do need to do a little bit of research. I would recommend looking at the amount of daily dosage you are getting, for the best results you need to be taking 1500mg per day,

this equals to around 3 tablets. Therefore if you are only taking 1-2 tablets a day then the product will be less effective. There is a new Male Enhancement pill that has hit the market, this has only been available for a short period of time but has been selling like crazy because of its success (more at: http://angbatas483.soup.io/post/379219799/Learn-a-number-of-the-ASL-vocabulary). It does contain pomegranate which is a fruit, this has been claimed by many as "Natures Viagra" this making it a more effective and healthier alternative to Viagra.

There are many websites that will give reviews of these different products, click here to find the very best Male Enhancement Pill
Therefore, if you are short in that department, then there are free male enhancement pills which you are able to try that can help increase penis size to your ideal length.

About Male Enhancement Pills

Through the years, lots of male enhancement pills have been created to help men with sexual-related conditions such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation as well as "small" manhood problems.

A few pills are nothing more than just placebos, while others have been demonstrated to produce positive results nevertheless, you need to bear in mind that they're not wonder drugs and improvements can not come about overnight. For this reason these types of pills need to be used for a couple of weeks or even months in order to realize the desired final result xtrasize.

There are lots of companies offering free male enhancement pills. All you need to do is a look online to find internet sites that provide such free trials. Taking advantage of these promotional offers will allow you to try and test several products and see which one works for you without the need to invest a lot of money.

Advantages of Male Enhancement Pills

Most of these kinds of male enhancers are not just effective in increasing your average penile length, they can assist in giving you harder, fuller and longer-lasting erections too. Additionally free male enhancement pills can boost sexual stamina and improve penile performance during sex.

You'll find various positive feedback comments and testimonials about the performance of these pills all over the internet. Likewise, you will find recommendations in numerous forums and discussion boards on where to obtain free of charge samples of these pills and be on the way to increasing your average penile length.

Because a lot of the male enhancement pills contain stimulant or aphrodisiac properties (identified to improve sex drive), those who find themselves searching for something to help increase their lovemaking prowess during intercourse can also reap the benefits of these pills.

If you're afraid to try free male enhancement pills because of the adverse side effects which you may experience then you would be happy to know that they're no longer a problem since many pills these days are made from all-natural ingredients so that users can experience no side effects whatsoever.

In conclusion, if you are among the millions of guys out there who are having sexual-related or penis size issue right now is the best time for you to grab the chance and try the different free male enhancement pill offers available on the internet and begin increasing your average penile length.

December 21 2013

Before I discovered homemade penis enlargement, I worried that I wasn't large enough to fully satisfy a woman. Have you ever felt like that? Like you were just average, or less than average?

With these proven techniques, I went from 5.9 inches long and 5 inches around to 8 inches long and 6.2 inches around, in less than two months. I'll tell you exactly how I achieved these remarkable gains.

The system is completely natural, and you can use it regardless of your age or physical condition. It's popularly called jelqing.

Know anything about it? It's a centuries-old set of secret techniques that guys all over have performed to increase length and girth. What do you need? Your own two hands, inexpensive lubricant such as baby oil, and a towel soaked in warm water.

By jelqing correctly and consistently, you can actually add up to 3 inches in just a couple of months, and that's by following a routine for six minutes a day. It's effective because it helps you to naturally increase the size of various penile chambers and tissues. The results last for the rest of your life.

It's easy to find free info on the Internet about these things, but if you're serious, I suggest you invest in a quality penile fitness program. A good program will be delivered totally online (keep your privacy), and includes easy to follow directions, video demonstrations, and custom-tailored advice from experienced trainers. In my experience, it's a fool-proof way to enjoy rapid gains.

Want to learn about the program I personally used to add 2.2 inches in less than 6 weeks? Visit my web site now (more at: http://suplementy-diety.org.pl).
Every red-blooded male is satisfied with his erect red penis, although not every man ponders just how his member gets so red. The fact will be the healthy glow of a healthy penis is perhaps all a result of your thunderous blood circulation to the organ. Comprehensive understanding of good erectile health includes learning the vital role that blood flow has keep a penis in peak condition.
A few fun facts
1.Although many women claim that men think making use of their penises, in fact the penis is simply a mindless tool. When it gets erect, it’s simply reacting to orders through the brain and business parts of your body.
2.The guys which have primary responsibility for the erection include the corpora cavernosa. These dudes using the intimidating scientific names are really just two cylinders that run along the penile shaft.
3.The corpora are made from spongy tissues, so that when blood is released into them, they are able to absorb it. And when they absorb it, they expand. When they expand, guess what else expands? Answer: A man’s probability of having a great time.
4.When the corpora get that special signal, they heave a sigh of relief and relax, which enables the blood ahead in. At the same time, the arteries leading into the corpora also take a rest and relax, pumping that blood in the corpora. How much blood? Roughly eight times as much as the penis gets when it’s flaccid xtra size.
5.All that blood puffs up the corpora, though the penis isn’t done yet. Another section of the member (known as the tunica) does somewhat maneuver that keeps all of that blood trapped within the penis (for the time being). When the gates are barred, that penis is primed and ready to dance the night away.
6.By the way, all that trapped blood improves the blood pressure significantly: it’s about twice the blood pressure level of what is circulating elsewhere in the body.
Clearly, blood circulation plays a significant role within the maintenance of your healthy penis. In fact, good the circulation of blood is important for the entire body. Blood takes oxygen and nutrients across the whole body, providing energy and nourishment that's essential for optimal health and wellness.

• Blood circulation even plays a part in how well a person sleeps. For example, our bodies uses the time during deep sleep to assist clean out the machine and do repairs. It’s able to do a more efficient job once the blood has the capacity to circulate more freely and quickly; as well, the easier it is for your body to achieve this, the greater sleep someone experiences.

• Fatigue can also be partly caused by poor blood flow. One factor which negatively affects blood circulation is the aggregation of platelets, that's exacerbated through the presence of an excessive amount of sugar within the blood. This decreases the blood’s ability to effectively deliver oxygen, causing tiredness.

• During its trip across the body, blood covers wastes that the body has created and delivers the crooks to appropriate disposal outlets. When blood circulation is sluggish, waste delivery is also affected, which impacts a person’s health.
Finding solutions to keep the blood flow up and running at proper speed is vital not just for the sake of creating a glowing red penis but to the overall health of every individual male. There are numerous approaches to improve the flow of blood, including eating healthy and regular exercise. It also can be very beneficial to utilize benefits of your top-drawer penis nutrient cream (medical researchers recommend Man 1 Man Oil). It’s vital to select one that's going to aid a man’s efforts to maintain a normal penis, and so the best bet is really a cream which has a proven ingredient for helping increase the flow of blood, such as L-arginine. This enzyme encourages veins to relax and start, allowing for the increased blood circulation that provides health benefits to the penis and the whole body. Further increase penile health by choosing a cream with vitamin A, which can be noted for its anti-bacterial properties xtra size.
Penis enlargement can be done in so many ways. If you have the means then you can opt for surgery. This is the fastest way to make your precious grow big permanently. Surgeries that can be done are increasing the length and enlarging the girth. The surgery done in increasing the length will have to cut the fundiform and suspensory ligaments that are attached to the erectile bodies that holds the penis. This will make the penis grew two to three cm long. After the operation, a constant stretching therapy is required to avoid the healing of the ligaments (page: http://jesse900.jimdo.com/2013/12/20/fittings-are-those-materials-that-are-used-in-pipe-and-plumbing-systems-to-fix-straight-pipe-or-tubing-parts-such-as-to-acclimate-to-numerous-sizes-or-shapes-and-to-adjust-fluid-flow-etc-the-uncommon-types-of-fitt). If this happens, the penis will go back the way it was.

However, in girth surgery, a fat from the patients' body will be taken and placed inside the penis to make it wider. Another thing that can be done to make it wider is by injecting a silicone and other materials in to the scrotum and penis. Although, doing this can only make the penis girth wider but the length and head will still be the same.

Doing some exercise can actually make your penis stronger and bigger. There are natural ways in penis enlargement. During the ancient times, men have always been fascinated on how to make their penis larger than usual (from: http://dfwnick13.newsvine.com/_news/2013/12/20/21984601-over-time-many-men-experience-diminished-penis-sensitivity-to-some-degree-this-loss-of-sensation-can-be-caused-by-numerous-factors-including-continual-friction-circumcision-and-certain-common-sk). An ancient exercise that was performed before was lifting weights. A string is attached to their penis while on the other end of the sting dangles a stone of a certain weight. This however, is still being practiced by some. Though this can be dangerous if done incorrect, but if you master the technique, this will definitely make your penis longer and stronger. One of the safest ways to make the penis bigger is by jelqing. This has also been practiced during the early times. Jelqing is a form of exercise to promote the maximum level of the erected penis. This is also called milking. Repeated stroking will pump as much blood on the penis, the main goal here is to maintain the erection until it stretches out. If this is done frequently, it will make the penis grow longer and wider.

Penis enlargement if done the natural way will make penile erection much longer. You will have a strong control over ejaculation and when released, this will make you more satisfied than ever. Having done this will make both of you enjoy your sexual act.
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