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GVO is located in San Antonio, Texas and has a world class facility they operate from. Their DataCenter is first class and keeps track of everything from the hosting an autoresponder products to everybody's network marketing groups.

Joe Therian launched Global Virtual Opportunities in 2009 because he saw a need for what they offer. He created a clever way to get paid on personal sales and on the sales and purchases of products using a binary compensation plan.

One of the great things about these products is they are Internet-based. This means you're not limited in scope to a local business market (read on: http://dfwnick13.newsvine.com/_news/2013/12/22/22011182-a-lot-of-men-are-conscious-about-the-size-of-their-penis-this-is-understandable-because-when-these-men-where-still-young-boys-they-learned-either-through-unreliable-sources-or-through-jokes-that). Anybody can purchase web hosting, or an autoresponder from you regardless of where they live in the world.

The same thing is true with network marketing using Internet based products. There is not going to be any shipping required for these kinds of products. Instant access makes it easier to make sales and recruit new distributors.

Another advantage to this product line is the relatively low entry level from a price standpoint. Virtually anybody can afford to give into this business.

The downside to this is you earn smaller commission per sale. You have to make this up by increasing the volume of your personal sales and in your network marketing group.

This is done by enrolling as many new distributors as you possibly can. You can help your new personal recruits get customers and new distributors in their downline as well.

GVO uses a subscription model for billing on a monthly basis. Think of this as an autoship program where you only have to make your sale one time, but you continue to get paid every month that the subscription stays in force.

You also earn a percentage of subscriptions on sales made in your group. In the binary compensation plan you're only going to have a right and left leg, so there will constantly be new customers and distributors being added to your downline you're also earning money on.

Network marketing is a fantastic business to get paid on the efforts of others. GVO is a good way to do that if you are willing to get a few customers and a few distributors to jumpstart your business.

Don't be the product, buy the product!