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The SizeGenetics method is designed to be sure you achieve the maximum results with the use of two different programs, an enlargement traction tool and a penis workout program (source: http://suplementy-diety.org.pl/xtrasize). It is the only site that combines 2 of the most respected and effective aspects of penis enlargement, leading to it being probably the most successful male enhancement system on the internet.

It continues to be called a ground-breaking system as countless people have said it is the fastest most effective form of penile enlargement on the market. Attacking penis enlargement from two angles might help get maximum gains in minimum time. The results on this program are unparalleled gain in width, length, pleasure and rock hard erections. The SizeGenetics system been specifically extensively tested by scientists and doctors (page: http://suplementy-diety.org.pl/xtrasize).

So we understand that its effective, so how exactly does it work?

The body is cleverly engineered so it can adapt under pressure. The SizeGenetics device takes full advantage of the ability. By applying a consistent traction of force in the entire length with the penis these devices has the ability trigger the penises growth function. The new force which you supply to the penis forces the penis to alter, change and adapt and commence to produce new cells of tissue adding to your penises bulk. Over time an increase in girth and length is possible.

The principle of using traction to lengthen and increase the size of various parts of the body is not really a new thing. Orthopedic surgeons use traction principle to lengthen legs and fingers and also to fix tissue defects in the face. Many cultures utilize these same principle to enlarge various parts of their body, African tribes stretch and enlarge there lips and ears, and also the Burmese giraffe women, stretch their necks to sometimes a foot over all of their lifetime.

Extension items are actually quite simple to use. They contain a plastic ring which must be fastened around the base from the penis and attached to this is a flexible silicon ring which gets attached for the penis head. There are two bars which sit alongside the penis which may be adjusted to increase the tension of the stretch determined by your goals and what level in the program you might be at.

Most importantly the product is not painful, it's unlikely that any little bit. It has become developed by urologists and is currently undertaking more numerous studies. The device can secretly be worn under loose fitting pants and may be worn for approximately 2-6 hours a day for max results. The results that one could see using the SizeGenetics device are typical permanent after you reach your selected length then you will never go back to the old insecure you.

Penis Enlargement doesn't have to be scary or dangerous. The SizeGenetics product is a trialled and tested method put together by and recommended by urologists, scientists and doctors. With this unique system it is possible to keep your dreams of a bigger penis are within reach. To find out more concerning the SizeGenetics system and browse a review of other devices go to the link at the end in the article.

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