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The son of Aphrodite and Dionysus, Priapus was cursed from the womb by the God Hera - in revenge against Aphrodites beauty with the burden of impotence, ugliness and fool-mindedness.

Refused admittance by the other Gods to Mount Olympus and forced to live amongst shepherds, it was Priapuss frustration at being impotent that first led to his enlarged penis becoming permanently erect.

Even in art today, whether pictured as a gnome like figure or as one more closer in resemblance to the God Hermes, Priapus is always depicted as having an elongated penis that appears to weigh him down.

Who was Priapus?

Traditionally seen as the god of health, fertility and growth, statues of Priapus were commonly used at crossroads to help ward off transgressors, as well as in the gardens of Greek families to promote growth amongst their plants.

Yet even despite Priapuss strong reputation for being a guardian deity, it is Priapuss lustful nature and large erect penis that is most keenly remembered throughout history.

Why? Because of the power it was believed to behold.

Where does Priapus stand today?

Mans fascination with attaining a larger penis can easily be traced back to mythological characters such as the God Priapus. He is just one of many Gods displayed throughout history, whom are remembered for being figureheads of authority, power and ultimately who were strong due to their penis size.

Yet if you were to trace these stories far back enough, you would also find records of the first penis enlargement methods used to help men experience this same power. Woven sleeves, weights or slitting their shaft for the last 2,000 years man has tried to attain the same power, length and girth as seen in Gods such as Priapus (see: http://suplementy-diety.org.pl/xtrasize).

Over the last 20-30 years penis enlargement methods have radical changed as various methods, including surgery, penile exercises and arguably the most successful method, penis traction devices, are very much in the forefront of the mainstream market.

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