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But why does this method work?

Simple. This approach gets results where others fail completely because it taps into the way your body works naturally xtrasize. What do I mean by this? Well, to put it in a nutshell, your body can make your penis increase in size by natural causes. All it has to do is pump natural biochemical nutrients into your manhood. When this happens, growth takes place swiftly and easily. If this doesn't take place, then no growth can ensue (from: http://jesse900.jimdo.com/2013/12/20/fittings-are-those-materials-that-are-used-in-pipe-and-plumbing-systems-to-fix-straight-pipe-or-tubing-parts-such-as-to-acclimate-to-numerous-sizes-or-shapes-and-to-adjust-fluid-flow-etc-the-uncommon-types-of-fitt). The natural plan is the only plan that shows how to make the nutrition you need for your manhood to grow, and shows the way to make sure your penis hoovers up as much of these biochemicals as it possibly can. By ensuring these two things, the plan can help make you bigger, within just a few weeks.

Can it really work that fast?

YES, it can. In my own case, it took under 4 weeks for the natural enhancement measures to increase my penis length by an amazing 3.9 inches. You can do the same as soon as you get on this program.

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