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1. Reach A Wide Audience

Right now Facebook is the 500 pound guerrilla of social marketing. With over a billion users there simply is not an audience that you cannot target with Facebook. So if you are not marketing with Facebook you are missing out on a huge and engaged audience.

2. An Interactive Marketing Opportunity

You are able to promote your company and products on Facebook by interacting with customers. By creating fan pages and getting personal, you are creating a recognizable brand name and promoting customer loyalty.

3. Targeted Ads

One of the great features about Facebook is that it provides very specific targeting for your advertising. In addition to traditional demographics like age, sex and income you can target personal interests and where people live. Facebook ads are very powerful in these targeting capabilities. Needless to say this all adds up to a better conversion rate and more sales for you because you are only advertising to people you have targeted.

4. Established Search Engine Ranking

Facebook's inherent page rank will help all of your posts in the search engine rankings. So if there are some key things you want to rank for then Facebook is a good resource to take advantage of.

5. Simple Process To Create Ads

You don't have to be an advertising guru in order to create a good ad on Facebook. Facebook has a simple and easy-to-use ad creating template which becomes even simpler to use once you have created your first ad. The other thing to note is that creating two ads will not cancel out the other. In fact, you can run both ads simultaneously for better results.

6. You Control Your Content

Facebook advertising is much easier to get approved than most other ad platforms. There are no issues with things like quality scores or problems with landing pages. As you would expect there are some guidelines (source: http://jacobab931.livejournal.com/3140.html). However, most people never have to even refer to them. Just make a nice attention getting ad for your product or service and it will probably get approved right away.

7. Support For Ad Creation

It is always nice to know there is someone you can ask if you have any problems. Facebook does provide a contact form if you have any questions about your Facebook ads. In general you will hear back within a day or two. But honestly you shouldn't need to contact them for much of anything.

There really is no reason not to at least try advertising on Facebook. You get a large, targeted and engaged audience. You also get an easy way to advertise to them. You are in total control. There are no minims so you can spend as much or as little as you like.

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