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Penis enlargement can be done in so many ways. If you have the means then you can opt for surgery. This is the fastest way to make your precious grow big permanently. Surgeries that can be done are increasing the length and enlarging the girth. The surgery done in increasing the length will have to cut the fundiform and suspensory ligaments that are attached to the erectile bodies that holds the penis. This will make the penis grew two to three cm long. After the operation, a constant stretching therapy is required to avoid the healing of the ligaments (page: http://jesse900.jimdo.com/2013/12/20/fittings-are-those-materials-that-are-used-in-pipe-and-plumbing-systems-to-fix-straight-pipe-or-tubing-parts-such-as-to-acclimate-to-numerous-sizes-or-shapes-and-to-adjust-fluid-flow-etc-the-uncommon-types-of-fitt). If this happens, the penis will go back the way it was.

However, in girth surgery, a fat from the patients' body will be taken and placed inside the penis to make it wider. Another thing that can be done to make it wider is by injecting a silicone and other materials in to the scrotum and penis. Although, doing this can only make the penis girth wider but the length and head will still be the same.

Doing some exercise can actually make your penis stronger and bigger. There are natural ways in penis enlargement. During the ancient times, men have always been fascinated on how to make their penis larger than usual (from: http://dfwnick13.newsvine.com/_news/2013/12/20/21984601-over-time-many-men-experience-diminished-penis-sensitivity-to-some-degree-this-loss-of-sensation-can-be-caused-by-numerous-factors-including-continual-friction-circumcision-and-certain-common-sk). An ancient exercise that was performed before was lifting weights. A string is attached to their penis while on the other end of the sting dangles a stone of a certain weight. This however, is still being practiced by some. Though this can be dangerous if done incorrect, but if you master the technique, this will definitely make your penis longer and stronger. One of the safest ways to make the penis bigger is by jelqing. This has also been practiced during the early times. Jelqing is a form of exercise to promote the maximum level of the erected penis. This is also called milking. Repeated stroking will pump as much blood on the penis, the main goal here is to maintain the erection until it stretches out. If this is done frequently, it will make the penis grow longer and wider.

Penis enlargement if done the natural way will make penile erection much longer. You will have a strong control over ejaculation and when released, this will make you more satisfied than ever. Having done this will make both of you enjoy your sexual act.

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