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Below is a penis jelq exercise practice that a good number of men have experienced good outcome with.

1) Drench a towel in hot (but not scalding) water, wring out the excess water, cover it around your penis then keep it there for a couple of min.. Replicate this process three times or more. This will encourage blood circulation in the penis to lessen the chances of injury during penis jelqs later.

2) Prior to starting the jelq exercise, make sure your penis is not completely erect. If it is, you risk damaging your penis, through causing a vein to erupt for instance.

3) Put some drops of Vaseline to your penis and daub it over your entire penis. Never use soap or shampoo as lubricating agents in place of vaseline C otherwise you can wind up with an aching penis.

4) Form a firm circle around your penis base with your index finger and thumb and then rub completely in an upward motion towards the head of the penis. Do this again with your other hand. Duplicate this over and over with one hand after the other xtrasize. Make each stroke last an average of a couple of seconds.

5) If somehow you get an erection, pause with the the exercise and smack your penis against your thigh to avoid getting a full erection. You may continue the exercise after the erection ceases.

6) For the first week, make at least 200-300 jelqs daily applying medium force. For the 2nd week, make at least 300-500 jelqs daily applying full force. Subsequent to the 2nd week, work a minimum of 500 or more jelqs daily for as many times as you like with no discomfort whatsoever.

A little warning: be on continuous watch for any sense of discomfort or other hints of trouble while doing the penis jelqing exercise. Symptoms of complications can include blisters, bruises, and pain. At the first indications of problems, cease the jelqing exercise at once, take a one to two day breather and remember not to restart the exercise until the discomfort vanishes. Even without sensing any discomfort, you must take a break from regular jelqs, such as one to two days off following five days of jelqing. By doing the jelq exercise described above constantly, you should be able to achieve evident gains in the size of your penis within weeks or months xtrasize.

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